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Gail Klevan

Gail makes colorful contemporary handmade designer jewellery which is comfortable to wear; each piece is individually hand-crafted and no two pieces are completely alike. Gail is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and is one of the foremost UK designers working in acrylic

Gail has exhibited all over the world and some of her designs have been purchased for the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Saatchi Collection, National Galleries of Scotland and National Galleries on Merseyside.

Gail uses a variety of techniques including cutting, heating, and moulding block, sheet and compounds to produce shapes, while other pieces are cast, laser-cut or moulded. She developed her own decoration process which can be coloured or clear, patterned or plain, smooth or textured, sculpted or engraved, matt or polished, in almost any combination to reflect mood.

“I am constantly experimenting and this material facilitates endless creativity through varying shape, colour, texture and decoration. But I don’t just love it for its impact and visual complexity but because of the many different ways it can be adapted to be worn as jewellery, both as adornment and as art.”